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It’s really hard to imagine or accept a situation where you are not able to open and view mdb file. In fact, facing any circumstances where you are not able to open and view content present in MDB file due to corruption could actually be a very irritating situation. Nevertheless, you even don’t have to get panic even if you have got an error while trying to open a database of mdb format. Now, with an easy availability of mdb viewer application, it is very much possible to open and view mdb files on your system without facing any further error. This mdb file viewer software facilitates you view all tables included in the database, with all fields and records. With this result-oriented software you can also view the detailed information for each record.

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It is one such effective utility that can assist you restore the original Access database content without hampering any data information present in it. In fact, it doesn’t matter whatever be the reason for mdb file corruption, with this mdb viewer you can repair corrupt mdb files and view mdb files. The tool allows you to open inaccessible database of Microsoft Access format and view its content regardless of the state of input files.

MDB Viewer software operates in two modes Standard Mode and the Template Mode, depending on the level of corruption you can use any of these two modes or corruption; else, if the desired result is not obtained you can use them alternately one after another.

Standard Mode- This mode is very useful in conditions when you want retrieve the corrupted Access database files in case of the normal file corruption. In addition, this mode also facilitates you to browse the corrupted files and then recreate it into a database file, so that it can be reused.
Template Mode – This is another mode and very effective in situation when you have to deal with major corruptions caused to the database, when the internal database structure gets lost. Now, using this mode you can easily have a proper backup text of the database as a template. And, once the software figures out the layout of the provided database, it synchronizes the database and retrieves it into a new mdb file.

Another great aspect of this mdb viewer is its ability to carry out a very recursive scanning of the damaged MS Access database file. Adding to this, the utility has got the excellent ability of extracting the structure of the database and the table data from the mdb/ACCDB file.

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Being a user you can download the trial version of this MDB File Viewer software at free of cost. However, it is very important for you to understand that the free trial version would restrict you from saving the final restored mdb/ACCDB file. The trial version of this software, actually permits you view mdb files but not to save those recovered files. The only key benefit that you can enjoy using the trail version of this mdb file viewer is verifying its efficiency and getting familiar with its functionalities.

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Key Features of MDB Viewer

This MDB Viewer Software serves its user with following key features –

  • Repair damaged or inaccessible Access file and retrieve data from .mdb file in its original state.
  • Very much capable of recovering table structure and data.
  • Has got an excellent ability to retrieve key data structures like auto number, primary key, field size and many more.
  • Can restore memo data, OLE data, including all indexes, relationship and all types of fields.
  • Equally capable of restoring the required data and delivering the desired result while working on Microsoft Access 95, 97, 2000, 2002(XP), 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
  • Make use of Live-Preview technology, to retrieve the database structure from the corrupt database.
  • Got user friendly and interactive interface and so no technical expertise is required to operate.
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